Get Only the Best Yacht in Here

Get Only the Best Yacht in Here

The best thing about owning a yacht is that you can sail the ocean in full privacy. All the spaces within the yacht are reserved only for you and maybe with several other people who join you aboard the vessel. This is not something you can get from a cruise ship, obviously. However, a yacht is not an affordable thing for regular men.

It is a thing of luxury only the luckiest of us can have the chance to at least think about purchasing. If you are one of those who are lucky enough to choose a yacht to buy, you may find our blog as a helpful source of information. gives you:
1. General information about yachts; their types, models, power, speed, everything is a subject to discuss within this website.

2. Reviews of yachts. If you have enough budgets to even consider choosing a yacht to buy, then you need something that guides you through the selection process.

3. Maintenance guidelines and after sale care. As a yacht is not a cheap thing to buy, you need something that shows you how to deal with your vessel once it becomes your possession. The maintenance cost could be through the roof if you manage your yacht the improper way.

owning a yacht

Getting bookmarked on your browser is a surefire way to get the best out of your newly bought yacht. You need to first determine the purpose of the yacht you are about to buy. There are yachts that are designed for cruising while there are others that are meant for racing.

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The two are different even if the difference between them is so subtle you can barely recognize. But we can provide enough information for you to differentiate one from the other. So get on board with us and get the best out of your yacht.


Those Stunning Yachts Owned by Celebrities
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Those Stunning Yachts Owned by Celebrities

There are many celebrities who are known to have amazing yachts that you can find today. Each of them will show you their yacht that comes with different features. Those features make each yacht is amazing. Do you know how expensive their yacht and what makes their yacht is special and different? These following information below will you more about some of those yachts owned by Hollywood celebrity with the most expensive price you can find today.
Among those celebrities today, Sean “Diddy” Combs is known as one of the celebrities with one of the best yachts owned by a celebrity. His yacht is worth $65 million. This is an amazing price for a yacht that you can find today and is owned by a celebrity. Sean “Diddy” Combs has the yacht which is dreamed by every person. This yacht will have everything you want. It has an amazing stage, a party floor which will feature a built-in bar that is located on the top deck, a projector screen and more. This yacht is one of the best yachts that is known with the size of 54 feet. To operate this yacht, there are 10 staff members needed. They are needed to make this yachts fully operational.
Moving to the next celebrity with the best yacht, we will have Richard Branson on the list. He is known as the business investor with amazing intelligence. What he has for the yacht is the one that will have the fastest speed especially for the catamaran one. This is the one that will go up to 20 knots that you can bring 10 people onboard excluding the staff. Those are some of the best yachts that you can find today with stunning features. There are still more of those celebrities that we can find with the best yacht today that comes with different features as well. And bettors of also need this info.

Top 5 Largest Yachts in the World
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Top 5 Largest Yachts in the World

Yachts are things that only billionaires own. This sense of exclusiveness makes yachts something that only a small percentage of world’s population can own. But the true value of a yacht is measured by its dimension: the bigger the yacht, the more expensive it is. Larger yachts have extensive features and rooms, making it capable of serving more guests aboard. However, the term of “the largest yachts in the world” is somewhat vague. The largeness may refer to both the yacht’s length and displacement. Both are valid parameters of measuring a yacht’s size but taking into account a yacht’s displacement capacity makes for more accurate calculation. Measuring a yacht by her length, however, is the most common way of characterizing her largeness.

A yacht’s displacement capacity refers to the amount of weight of the water that is being displaced upon a yacht’s floating. As such, by extension, it also refers to the yacht’s weight as a whole, including its content. This displacement factor of a yacht is denoted in unit of tons. An example of this is the yacht Dilbar. At 157 meter, Dilbar is considered the 4th largest yacht in the world. But its displacement measures at 15,917 tons, making it the largest by tonnage.

With their nature of being one of the expensive things in the world, it is no wonder that yachts are often observed being in possession of world’s richest royal families. Some others belong to businessmen. Here is a list of world’s largest yachts:

1. Azzam (180.6 m)
Azzam belongs to Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, who is the President of the UAE and the Emir of Abu Dhabi. The Sheikh’s net worth is estimated at 15 billion USD. Azzam was built by Lurssen at a cost of 400 million USD. Her exterior design was by Nauta Yachts. She can reach the speed of 30 knots with its two diesel engines and two gas turbines.

eclipse yacht

2. Eclipse (162 m)
Eclipse is dubbed the US$1.5 billion yacht, which is somewhat false because her original cost price is estimated at around 500 million USD. At one point in the past, Eclipse was the original titleholder of world’s largest yacht, which now belongs to Azzam. The yacht is today in possession of Roman Abramovich, who is, of course, one of the richest person in the world. Aboard the ship, Eclipse has swimming pools and helipads and is capable of housing 70 crews.

3. Dubai (162 m)
Dubai belongs to Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Makhtoum of Dubai. Originally, Prince Jefri of Brunei commissioned Lurssen to finish the construction of a yacht but the project was abandoned in 1998. The Dubai Government took over the project and finished it in 2006 by Platinum Yachts. Today, she can accommodate 24 guests with 115 crews.

4. Dilbar (157 m)
Dilbar has been mentioned previously and she belongs to Alisher Usmanov.

5. Al Said (155 m)
Al Said belongs to the Sultan of Oman, Qaboos bin Said Al Said and can accommodate 65 guests and 140 crews.


Best 3 Luxury Yacht Builders in the World
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Best 3 Luxury Yacht Builders in the World

Yacht is considered a promising investment for many billionaires around the world. What make yacht valuable is its build and design, which will ensure a wonderful personal experience to the passengers. For those who have yacht will search a yacht builder to work with to help them built their dream design and vision into an actual vessel. There are a lot of yacht builders on the market. However, choosing the best yacht builder is not an easy matter.

The credibility of a yacht builder does not only relies on positive records and testimonials from previous clients, but also its ability to create a yacht in the most effective and efficient way without losing its luxury. This article will give brief reviews about some of the recommended yacht builders in the world.

The first is Christensen Shipyards. This yacht builder is located in United States. It is considered as the leading specialist of composite fiberglass around the world. It can handle semi to full customized superyachts with the range from 35-50 meters LOA. Its main operation in Vancouver and Washington cover approximately 180,000 sqm, including a marina with seven-acre wide. This yacht builder is able to create up to 50 meter yachts and has 35 superyacht in its current fleet. They are currently working to establish the biggest yacht facility in United States, which are planned to be at Lake Tellic, Tennessee.

The next recommended yacht builder is Blohm+Vloss from Germany. This yacht builder create large custom sailing and motor yachts, which are both technically challenging and beautiful. The shipyard located in Hamburg covers around 421,000 sqm and provides 7 docks up to 59 m in width and 351 m in length. This shipyard accommodates the maintenance, refit, and build of multiple luxury superyachts. The current project of this yacht builder is to build the 2nd and 3rd biggest private superyachts in the world caller M/Y Dubai (with 162 m long) and M/Y Eclipse (with 162.5 m long).

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Another recommended yacht builder is Amels. Situated in Vlissingen, Netherlands, this yacht builder operates the biggest shipyard pf superyacht within the Netherlands. It is also widely known as one among the best superyacht builders in the world. Amels has built around sixty superyachts and provides a limited edition and full custom superyacht range, which includes 6 types ranging from 55-83 m LOA. The latest product of this yacht builder is M/Y Here Comes the Sun.

Best Materials of Yacht Interior
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Best Materials of Yacht Interior

If you have new yacht and you have not designed the interior yet, you need to see and figure out what kind of interior design for yacht you want to use. You need to know designing the yacht and designing the room in your house are different things. You may get easily finding the room interior designer but you can get hard in finding the yacht interior designer. As we know, yacht is a kind of big luxury boat which is usually used by the rich people and just some of them are having it, so that is why you will get hard in finding the designer for helping you. Well, you just have to find harder to get the best yacht interior designer as what you want.

If you don’t need a hand from the designer which means you want to design your yacht interior by your own self, it will be your best choices to add your personal touch of the interior design. it is your own yacht, you can freely design your yacht based on what you want even if you want whether you want to hire the interior designer to help you in designing up your yacht or not. The choices are in your hands. You just need to ensure you need those kinds of help or not. If you confident to design it by yourself, you can try your ability in designing up your yacht well.

If you want to design your yacht interior by your own self, you need to know about the best materials you want to pick up. You need to know that there are some materials which can you use as well if you want to have them in your yacht. The materials are:

Yacht Interior

– Exotic natural leather

Many people wish to have the exotic natural leather inside of their yacht and perhaps you also can choose the leather as well. The usual leather which is used in the yacht is the unusual leather like alligator, snake, lizard, ostrich or many other skins you can choose as your best to designing up your yacht well. The additional touch of unusual leather will create the interesting beaded texture which you can’t get from other leathers. Also, you need to know that buying the rare unusual leather such as those skins are difficult to find, so you should pay more to get this thing. You should not buy it in the black market if you don’t want to get any kind of bad things happen when there is a situation forces you to show the legality of your leather.

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– Beautiful stone

If you want to get perfect look in your interior design, you can use some beautiful stone like onyx, deep purple amethyst and variations of agate. Those will help you in having the perfect luxury look.

– Small furniture of marble

If you want to pick some furniture there, you can pick the small furniture size one with the marble materials on it.


Find the Best Luxury Yacht
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Find the Best Luxury Yacht

Are you going to buy the new luxury yacht for accompanying your day in sailing to certain place? Well, there are many options for you if you want to take the new yacht for you. You or just have to consider what kind of yacht you want to use.

Everyone has its own different taste of yacht and perhaps you do. Thus, if you want to take the new yacht, you need to know about what kind of yacht before buying it to minimize your disappointed feelings after buying it. You also should choose the interior design based on what you like. Some people like to have the latest interior design and some people like to have the rustic touches of the interior itself.

If you want to take the new luxury yacht, you need to consider some things which can help you in deciding whether it is your best options for yacht or not. The things you should consider before buying the yacht are:

– Exterior and interior design

While you are taking the new yacht, you need to choose the yacht which you fall in love at the first sight. If you love the exterior design first, you can try to take more consideration in choosing the yacht, but if you don’t get any kind of interested thing from the yacht, you can find another one. Make sure you get love at the first sight of looking the yacht.

Then, after you fall in love at the first sight of exterior design, you can go to consider whether you like the interior design or not. This is the most important thing because you can take longer time inside of the yacht, so you need to ensure you get the comfortableness from the interior design itself.

You need to figure out what kind of feeling while you enter the room. If you get the comfortableness, you can take more consideration but if you don’t get any kind of such as comfortableness, you can pick another yacht with the interior design you can feel more comfort. While taking the consideration of interior design, you need to take a note about the interior design furniture and other things which are exist on the interior.

yacht with the interior design

– Check the machine

Even if the yacht is new product or second hand, you still should know about the condition of machine itself. You buy the yacht for sailing, right? Thus, you need to ensure that the machine is in good condition and you can go sailing with this yacht wherever you want to go.

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– Good for sailing or not

While you want to buy the new yacht, you should try to sail this yacht in a second and you can decide whether you want to pick this yacht or not.

Those are the things you should consider more before buying the new luxury yacht for accompany your day in sailing to certain place. Those consideration things will lead you to pick the best yacht based on what you need most.

Materials for Build Yacht
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Materials for Build Yacht

Do you want to build yacht? If yes you do, have you known about what kind of materials you can use for building it up? Well, here in and before you want to build a new yacht, you should know first about the best materials for it which can help you in getting the perfect yacht for you.

You should note that the materials are the most important things in building up the new yacht because it can decide whether you can get the luxury and long durability of yacht or not. Well, building a yacht should use the best materials for it to ensure you can get the best yacht ever you have built.

Girl in the Yacht

You should know that there are many materials for you to use it but you should note about something which is related to the materials for build yacht. Before you are going to choose the materials, you need to figure out where you will sail the yacht, is it in the ocean or lake?

Well, some materials are best for fresh water and don’t match for the salt water because the materials get corrosive easily and break the yacht easier. Then, you need to know first where the yacht you want to sail to and you can decide what kind of best materials you can use for your yacht.

If you have no idea about this kind of materials, you can ask to the yacht designer in helping you to decide the best materials you use for building up the new yacht. You need to choose the yacht designer which has great record in mixing and matching the materials to get the luxurious look of the final touch in build yacht itself.

These are the lists of materials you can use for your yacht, but remember about the place where the yacht will be sailed off. They are:
– Wood
As we know, wood is the best options for building up the yacht as well as small boat. You can use the plywood or solid planks for the materials of your yacht and you can use the wood resin and strips as what the newest yacht use. If you use this material for you yacht, you will get more advantages than the other materials like it offers you aesthetic, acoustic and thermal. This wood is perfect for fresh water as well as salt water.

Great Yacht Design

– Aluminum
This material is cheaper than the steel and very light with its strength. This material will not take longer time in salt water. You still can use this material in the salt water if you have combined it with the other materials to prevent any kind of corrosion in salt environment.

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– Steel
This material is strong and can easily repair in most of rudimentary facilities. It can survive in hot and cold climates. However, if you want to take this material for your new yacht, you can get easily in shaped them in the complicate shapes and compound curves, but it can be easily to get rust.

Top 10 Most Expensive Yacht in the World
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Top 10 Most Expensive Yacht in the World